Our FBI at work

The Observer has an article about the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack that just begs to be mocked.  Since they require Facebook login to comment, I’ll do it here instead

That said, the FBI’s initial investigation into Mr. Mateen lasted ten months and included placing informants close to him while tapping his phones. This was not just box-checking. The Bureau learned that he was angry and confused, eager to affiliate himself—at least in his own head —with any jihadist groups that were enemies of the United States.

Hmm! Someone who is “eager” to affiliate with anti-US terrorist groups? Gee, nope! No problem here!

He came across as a delusional wannabe, not a bona fide terrorist. Significantly, the FBI concluded that Mateen’s workplace outbursts, which had a pronounced Islamic bent, were caused by “co-workers discriminating against him and teasing him because he was Muslim.”

Significantly, the FBI was greatly interested in justifying and excusing support for Islamic terrorism, and desperate to find “Islamophobia”, but utterly uninterested in actually protecting America from murderous Islamic terrorists.

Got it, thanks!

Here’s a thought: A man who rapes women “because women have teased him for being male”, is a monster.  A Muslim who engages in terrorism “because people have teased him for being Muslim”, is a monster.


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