Truesdale MACII expulsion, a comment at File 770

In response to this.  We’ll see if I make it through moderation.

Most people seemed to agree that they’d never seen a panel moderator abuse his position to hijack the panel as a platform for his or her own personal agenda.


Then “most people” desperately need to get out more.

I suppose if MidAmericaCon2 hadn’t gone full fascist, “most people” could have looked up Dave and borrowed one of the pearl necklaces so they could have clutched it.

Kicking him out of the Con for “caus[ing] excessive discomfort to others”? That big mean bully! Exposing people to ideas they don’t like! Where did he think he was, a Con panel?

Oh wait, that’s right, modern Worldcon members don’t want to open their minds, or be exposed to diverse points of view. That would be hateful!

Edit: Dave has posted the audio of the panel.  It does not back the claims leveled against him.


3 thoughts on “Truesdale MACII expulsion, a comment at File 770

  1. He derailed the panel to rant how women and minorities, and social justice warriors are ruining science fiction for at least 25 minutes of a 50 minute panel and cheated the audience who came to hear a panel on The State of Short Fiction. In addition, he was rude to the other panelists by hijacking the panel for his own use. He didn’t even introduce the people on the panel. Not only that, but he was the moderator and failed at that as well. He read a prepared speech which was entirely off topic. The convention was was entirely within its rights to eject him for all of that.


    • Did you actually attend the panel? Have you even listened to the audio of the panel?

      I listened to the beginning of the audio, until the other idiots on the panel started jumping in. If you think a rant against “pearl clutching whiners” is only directed at “women and minorities”, you are the one with a race and sex problem, not Dave.

      And if you’re of the opinion that saying “the State of Short Fiction is that it’s being ruined by SJWs and other cry bullies” is an opinion worthy of getting your membership in a Worldcon revoked (and what “he made people uncomfortable” means is “we don’t like his opinions”, then you’re one of the fascistic bullies who’s busy trying to destroy science fiction.”

      I’ve now linked the audio in my post. You want to back up your claims? Great. Give us time chops, and explain why what he said was an attack on “women and minorities”.


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