Crooks and Liars want Garland

This is a followup to my last post, with more evidence that to be a leftie is to be a Sociopath.

Crooks and Liars wants Senate Democrats and VP Biden to hijack the Senate and confirm Garland to the US Supreme Court.  Their fantasy:

On January 3, 2017, Democrats will hold the majority in the Senate for a few minutes, until the newly-elected Senators are sworn in. Biden could convene the Senate in those few minutes and call for a vote. The majority could then suspend the rules and vote in Merrick Garland.

The key here is that VP Biden would have to be willing to convene the Senate and recognize Senator Dick Durbin instead of Mitch McConnell. Durbin moves to re-nominate Garland, and Senate Democrats then vote to confirm him. They will have a quorum for those few minutes.

My response:

Please, please do this!

Because the Republican response will be for Trump to nominate, and the Senate to confirm, 4 good, decent Justices who honor the written US Constitution.

No more “swing Justice Kennedy”.

Let me make it simple for you: “if you prick us, we will make you bleed.”

A history lesson:

The Senate Democrat majority Borked in 1987. So when there was a Senate Republican majority under Clinton, they blocked Clinton appointed Judges at will.

Senate Democrats filibustered Judges like Miguel Estrada under Bush. So Senate Republicans filibustered a lot of Obama appointees once they had the numbers to make it stick.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

Waldman … was one of the first to call for passage of the ACA via reconciliation in the Senate after Scott Brown was elected.

ObamaCare has cost the Democrats the Presidency, 12 Senate seats, ~60 House seats, ~1000 of State Legislature seats, and IIRC > 15 governorships. Oh, and through the loss of the Presidency, you lost the chance to take control of the Supreme Court.

And in 2017 it will be repealed.

By all means, PLEASE double down on that history of failure.