People who initiate the use of force deserve to have it used against them

Straight up and simple: If you are initiating the use of violence, force, or the threat of violence of force against other people in a political context, you are a Brownshirt, and you have forfeited any moral claims WRT how much force other people use against you.

Who are people who fall under this:

1: Someone who goes to someone else’s event and tries to disrupt it by shouting down people with opposing points of view, or otherwise making it impossible for them to get their message out.

Example: you go to a “Take Back the Night” protest and carry a sign that says “Regret isn’t Rape”. You’re fine. You go there with a loudspeaker and chant “Regret isn’t Rape” over it, drowning out other people? They have a right to stop you.

2: You illegally block a road / street / intersection / highway / whatever. You deserve to be run over. You are trampling over other’s people right to go about their business and ignore you, as such, you deserve to be trampled over.

So yes, “run them over” is absolutely the correct response. We, the decent human beings of the world, have an absolute right to ignore the left wing protestors of the world. If they attempt to force us to pay attention to them, we have the absolute moral right to do whatever is necessary to force them to leave us alone. In the Charlotte case, that means drive straight forward and run over anyone who gets in your way.